Digital Transformation Simulator 2020


Digital Transformation, Disruption and something with Experience is still on your personal or your company’s agenda? Don’t look any further, the Digital Transformation Simulator 2020 is here to make everything perfectly easy.

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Digital Transformation: So many starting points, so many decisions to make, so much uncertainty and too less support, resources and time. The originators? In many cases: old-school businesses with faulty processes and yesterday’s mindsets. The victims? All businesses that are now left insecure what is right and what is wrong. There is no easy way to solve the riddle? Behold! Now there is: the Digital Transformation Simulator 2020. You’re welcome.

You heard right, there’s an app for that. Vaguely describe a pain and the Digital Transformation Simulator 2020 provides all required details, plans, project charters and questionnaires to tackle the pain and solve this issue once and for all. Guaranteed or money back! What money you ask? This is the best part, it’s completely free.


Digital Transformation Simulator 2020 Highlights

  • Now even more conferences, meet-ups, road shows and hackathons to delay any real decision.
  • Focus on strategy, vision, company values and personal brand building as digital influencer instead of execution.
  • Inconvenient questions from your organisation, lack of process of the digital lighthouse project? Weasel-word your way to the level of a CDO.
  • Tired of agile, personas, user experience, cloud, headless and all the other buzzwords by your peers and directs? Ignore all of this, Unified Cargo-cult is your new imperative!
  • Gender equality? The brand-new Girl’s Day DLC is included. But we’re still talking about IT stuff, not feelings.
  • Integrates seamlessly into MS Office 365 with ready-to-use templates, tasks and project plans.
  • Simple game mechanics. Just start bullshitting and impress everyone around you.
  • All trends and hypes are included, no in-game purchases required.
  • Perfectly fits every industry and business model.
  • Import save games from failed projects and make them a success instantly.
  • Export all documents and vague specifications for a mind-boggling RFP process.
  • Game-changing single player and multiplayer mode. Now also runs in the cloud.
  • Unlock achievements for Best Place to Work, Beste Berater, and basically every award.

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